The simple truth about the majority of home inspections is this: IF YOUR REALTOR REFERS YOU TO A HOME INSPECTOR, THINK TWICE. Your realtor is a high commissioned sales person. Their #1 priority is to close a deal and get paid. It's not to look out for your financial interests. Unfortunately, most realtors WILL NOT refer you to a home inspector who makes it difficult to close a deal (i.e., a home inspector who takes the time to perform a thorough and complete home inspection looking out for YOUR financial interests). Realtors have a code word for those types of home inspectors: "DEAL KILLERS". This is not difficult to understand if you think about it for a minute, however, most people do not realize this until it's too late because they're caught up in the highly emotional and time sensitive nature of home buying. This is by design in the real estate process. A realtor knows that you are depending on them to guide you through the process of buying a home and that they literally hold "the key to the city" when it comes to you buying a house listed on the MLS. In Ohio, if a realtor provides you with the name of ANY home inspector then they are REQUIRED by law to provide you with the names of at least three home inspectors. You should, at a minimum, contact all three of those home inspectors to discuss their credentials, experience, and relationship to the realtor. It's also not a bad idea to consider performing a quick search online for a home inspector or two and giving them a call. Also, look at any reviews they may have online and/or ask them for references. At the end of the day just remember this, your realtor is trying to make a sale, not give you the name of anyone who might get in the way of making that sale.